Ratna Gem Halt organizes various trips in and around Ratnapura

Transport with our partners. The rates given are the total rent for the van and guiding (independent from the number of participants). maximum 4 people per trip.
  • Waterfall (Bopath Ella) visit with a bath: Transport only (2 ways), 3-4 hours for Rs. 5000 total.
  • Gem mining tour: Guided tour with transport, 3-4 hours Rs. 2500 for one persons.
We show you all around gem mining. Visit a deep mine, try to go under earth into the tunnels and enjoy the scenery of river mining. Visit at a "washing day" is most exciting.
  • Temple visit: Transport (2ways), 3-4 hours for Rs. 1500.
The Maha Saman Devale (shrine) in Ratnapura is one of the main Buddhist temples in Sri Lanka. Every August the shrine conducts a festival with a procession of traditional dancers and elephants.
This national park, a virgin rain forest can be visited in one day or you can stay there over night. You can organize the trip according your preferences. We take you there and pick you up again. The forest is a treasure of endemic species.
  • Adams peak visit: Transport only (2 ways) Rs. 6000 for one person.
Visit "Sri Pada" mountain to see Buddhas "footprint". We arrange everything for you. There are two climbing routes, a short (4h) and a long one (7h). Plan the trip according your wishes.

There are many more interesting locations to see in Ratnapura as the Gem Museums, National Museum, the Hindhu temple or river sites. We can arrange everything according your wishes.
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